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Hey, I'm Jess

My passion lies in capturing natural light-filled, elegant photos that brim with genuine emotion. My storytelling revolves around narrating authentic visual love stories, often drawing from experiences similar to yours. Since I first picked up a camera, my fascination has been centered on capturing the intricacies of the world, individuals, and relationships through subtle details and the interplay of light.

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An experience tailored to you

My philosophy revolves around empowering couples to celebrate their union in their unique way. We want you to cherish every moment of your wedding without any regrets. We understand the importance of staying true to your preferences and not succumbing to external pressures that might lead to later wishes for a different approach.

I wholeheartedly support your individuality, and our commitment is to assist you at every stage of the process. Embrace the freedom to craft a fully personalized wedding experience. Love has no rigid rules, so why limit the celebration of your unique love story with unnecessary restrictions on your wedding day?

By your side

Organizing a wedding, regardless of its scale, can be overwhelming, especially when aiming for a personalized touch. With over 6 years of experience in wedding photography, my expertise and extensive network of talented vendors are at your service to turn your vision into reality!

I offer a share of my insights on to-dos, avoiding pitfalls, suggesting locations, maximizing your day, creating memories with loved ones, planning a timeline, and more. I've successfully planned and styled editorial shoots that have served as inspiration for couples worldwide! Throughout this process, I essentially step into the role of wedding planners, assisting you in every possible way to ensure a stress-free experience.

Quality over Quanitity

I am dedicated to achieving excellence in my craft thus limiting my client intake to ensure ample time for each booking, guaranteeing the delivery of my finest work. Maintaining quality and consistency, I operate with a singular team of photographers. Prior to your wedding, we engage in multiple meetings to understand your relationship, any challenges you've overcome, and the moments that hold special significance to you. This deep connection allows us to capture your day in a manner that will be a lasting treasure.

My investment extends beyond mere client relationships – I strive to become your friends, fostering trust and familiarity. Through this approach, I have refined my process over time, aiming to provide the best possible service to my couples.

Authentic Moments

I aim for your time with us to transcend beyond the creation of beautiful photos. My goal is to transform your celebration of your love into a space where you can truly be present and vulnerable, allowing for real and intimate moments. When a genuine connection is made between you two, the photos effortlessly reflect sincere emotions. To foster this, I diligently work on creating a comfortable atmosphere, employing elements like engaging conversation, music, strategic lighting, subtle prompts, and even some lightheartedly and playfully jest at ourselves.

Think about your favorite photos—they likely transport you back to a specific memory and moment. For me, this is the essence of my work: helping you generate and capture real moments that trigger memories, evoke emotions, reflect who you once were, and encapsulate that specific time in your lives. If you're seeking a photographer solely focused on recreating trendy or Pinterest-worthy shots, I may not be the right fit for you.

Love notes from my clients

Annika & Matt

We had the pleasure of having Jess be our photographer for our small covid time wedding day. Not only are the pictures fantastic, but Jess was also a delight to work with. She is very professional, made us feel at ease with our awkwardness at pictures, and had lots of laughs all around.

Your wedding is all about you, your family and dear friends. Be your true self. Show your fun, quirky personality. Do the things that make you happy. Laugh loudly. Kiss slowly. Hug tightly.

I'll be there to capture it all and help you save these beautiful memories for a lifetime.